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  • Sacramento Educational Article of the Month - How to get Sacramento Bats out of your attic

How to get Sacramento Bats out of your attic

Who wants to have a lot of animals crawling all over their attic and spreading dirt in their house? It creates a lot of issues when you attic is occupied by a complete colony of species, especially bats. They make noise all the time and drop liquids all over your attic, making it dirty. If these bats start breeding in your attic, then you should expect to see hundreds of these species occupying your house. These factors make it very important to evacuate one’s attic by getting the bats out. However, there are some factors to keep into consideration before you try to get the bats out. It is extremely essential that none of the bats gets killed in this process. In most states, it is illegal to kill the bats while getting rid of them. You might be imposed with a fine if you kill any of the bats residing in your house. However, you do not need to worry because if your follow the guideline given in this article properly and remain cautious during the whole process, you will surely be able to get rid of bats from your attic. Let us have a look at 5 steps which can enable you to get rid of bats.

1. Inspect your house
We do not need to rush into this process, keep that in mind. The best way to go about this process is to inspect your house first. You should get to know about a couple of things before you initiate the evacuation of your attic. These things include the following. • You should make sure that you carry out the evacuation process when the breeding season for bats is not close. This is important because during the breeding season there must be a lot of young bats who cannot move or fly out. Under such circumstances, if you seal the attic, then these small bats might die. • You should be well aware of the type and number of bats in your attic. Different types of bats require different levels of attention, so you should be well aware of their type. Moreover, you should also keep the number of bats into consideration. If the number of bats is quite large, then you should consider calling a professional rather than going about this process yourself.

2. Figure out points of entry and seal them
There might be a number of holes in your roof or in other parts of your buildings which you might not be aware of. This is surely a matter of deep concern since these bats have a chance to get into your attic through these holes. So, your first job should be to seal these holes. However, keep in mind that these holes are not the main sources through which these bats enter; these holes are used by them when the main entrance is sealed. You must not seal the main entrance at this moment since the bats will get trapped and die in your attic. Instead, you should merely focus on locating small holes on your roof and filling them with ceramic materials. These holes can be as small as half an inch, so do not leave out any holes and get rid of all of them at once.

3. Exclusion of bats
This is the main step in this whole process. This is the time when you actually try to exclude the bats from your attic. There are various tools which can be used for the exclusion process. However, you are recommended not to use any repellant products in order to make the bats go away. Not only these products are useless, they might also kill the bats. The best way to go about the exclusion process is to add a barrier or a net at the point of entry for these bats. You should place the net in an intelligent way to ensure that the bats are able to leave the attic but are not able to enter it again. Remain patient after you do this, since it will take those bats some time to get out of your attic.

4. Seal the main entry point
Once you are sure that all of the bats have left the attic, you should seal the main entry point. This is important because if you do not seal the entrance, the bats will come again. You should seal it using a strong plastic material, through which the bats cannot go. Once done, you should congratulate yourself for the amazing job you have done!

5. Clean the remains
It goes without saying that the bats might have left a lot of mess in your attic. So you should try to clean up that mess as soon as you can so that it does not accumulate and make your house dirty.

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