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  • Sacramento Educational Article of the Month - What kind of Damage can California Geese Cause?

What kind of Damage can California Geese Cause?

Because of much overlap between human and Sacramento geese populations, there are many that complain of damages caused by them. In this article we will briefly discuss and enlighten readers about the severity of damages caused by California Geese. They can be deterimental to certain aspects of people's lives not to mention waste large amounts of time, money and resources year round. Here are a few kinds of damages that they cause:

Turf Damage
California geese are known to cause quite significant damage to not only turf grass but also other surfaces due to their foraging and fecal contamination. These cause hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of damages. One must consider that the amount of labor, time, and resources that go into maintaining a lawn, it is no wonder that California geese are considered such a nuisance to people in this regard.

Golf Course Damage
California geese enjoy forageing through lush green turf which is widely used on golf courses. Over the years, there has been a steady rise of complaints from golfers and this is due mainly to damage caused by Sacramento geese such littering and defecation. This obviously causes golf courses to have a lower esthetic and recreational value.

Direct costs include:
• Hiring personnel to clean the grounds
• Hiring personnel to chase away Sacramento geese

Indirect costs include:
• Time
• Esthetic beauty

Park Damage
Geese will often times trample grass in medium to heavy soil and this causes:
• Prevention of vegetative growth
• Erosion
• Lost habitat for other species

Another problem with Sacramento geese in park areas is:
• Overgrazing
• Leaving dead spots
• Feces
The amount of money needed to maintain parks, to keep them clean after geese have gone and damaged most of the areas, is become a big economic burden in many large cities with park areas such as London and New York.

Damage to Waterfront Communities
While many people in both urban and suburban communites enjoy the presence of geese, they are still a nuisance especially when they start damaging lawns and/or leave abundant amounts of feces all over their area. There is a clamor for some cooperative efforts between the federal, state, and local heads in order to develop programs that are necessary to:
• Create public awareness
• Inform citizens about management alternatives
• Implement successfully long-term solutions

Possible Solutions
Here are some solutions that can be utilized by people in order to help solve this very apparent California goose problem:
• Ban feeding
• Landscape modification
• Exclusion
• Frightening and hazing
• Egg addling
• Capture and removal
• Hunting

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